Intro to Kpop

Ok Brad, I am going to introduce you to k-pop now. You can watch as much or as little as you want and that'll be fine. Just so you know I like boybands, so i may be a little biased lol. Oh and if you hear random English you are not crazy.

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ok that's it for now! Are you overwhelmed? lol there's a lot more than this but i tried to show you some of the best. There are a lot of really good ballads if that is more of your style and you would like to hear more. There are some really talented solo artists if you like. Brianne made a post like this one also so here is the link if you are still interested! http://briannecomstock.blogspot.com/?zx=48735a8f9d6ead21

ugh sometimes i hate stans

So everyone knows Jonghyun and Key were recently injured in Indonesia during their concert right? Well SMent released a statement confirming the injuries and claiming it wasn't that serious; an ankle sprain for Jonghyun and some chest injuries for Key. So on Omona, I post my condolences in a comment.

Then there was a separate comment of Jonghyun being carried by his manager due to his injuries. I already posted my condolences so I'm thinking it's ok to change the topic. I say "Jonghyun looks cute riding piggy back". Then all of these shinee stans jump down my throat. Was it inappropriate? Maybe. but I'm sick of kpop stans in general being so quick to offend and turning on you in a second.

Have I ever said anything bad about shinee? No. Even that comment wasn't that rude but still my email floods with angry comments.

Gah so annoying. It was a minor injury. He's not dead, so just calm down. Does it suck? very much so, but it's not the end of the world -___-
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so I finished the S.A.T and it was totally not as bad as I was expecting it to be. I thought it would be some monster. devil-out of hell test that rips apart my soul but it was essentially the PSAT but twise as long. For serious the SAT is one long test.
I woke up at 6:45(which mind you is early for me) and got ready. I drove over to the host school and there were a TON of kids outside. I really didn't know anyone who was at the center and I didn't feel like wandering around like a fool looking for one, so I just sad down in the back of the cafeteria and waited silently. I had never been in that school before so it was a little troublesome trying to navigate and find the designated room, but I was surprised to find that it was just  a normal class room. I thought it would be more like an AP exam where it's like a giant room and everyone is really far from each other( think harry potter lol).

The actual test started at about 8:10 and contained 10 sections and ran until 1:00 pm. The work really wasn't that hard and I think for a raw score, with absolutely no studying that I did pretty well, so I'm feeling optemistic. I kind of want to take it again next month and actually study this time but I'm not looking forward to 5 more hours of testing lol but that's what happens when i procrastinate and freaking college applications are due in a couple of months          >.<

I just got my spacers for braces put in on Thursday though and holy crap do they hurt. This is way worse than getting my wisdom teeth out. I tried to eat a PB&J and i couldn't even finish it because it hurt so bad. I"m hoping the pain goes away soon...